First, let's just come right out and say it...

What you are about to read is another LAME internet "study."

But, sometimes these things can be fun.

What Every State In America Is Best And Worst At.

The video is produced by Data Tuber.

They, like most similar websites, don't do much more than Google a few things and call it good.

That's not how good studies are done.

Here's the video. As always Wyoming is LAST due to the spelling of our state's name.

SPOILER ALERT: According to Data Tuber, Wyoming is best at CLEAN AIR and worst at ATUO ACCIDENTS.

I can agree with them on Clean Air.

As for auto accidents, that's only because it's tough to drive in Wyoming, especially in the winter.

A few years back Wallet Hub released a "study" claiming that Wyoming had the worst divers in the nation.

They based their findings on accident insurance claims.

But some of the worst drivers I've ever seen come from areas where it's easy to drive. Like that little tropical island I grew up on that did not have much for roads and had a very slow speed limit. Therefore, few accidents ever happened despite the number of inexperienced drivers.

Upset woman driver inside her car

The truth is, that Wyoming has some really good drivers. It's just hard to drive here, especially in the winter.

Still, you have to give it to them about Wyoming's air.

It's so nice we could bottle it and sell it.

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