My 10-month-old German Shepherd has a personality like no other dog I have ever owned. She's a hyper ball of joy that likes to cuddle, rough house, and take her morning zoomies around the dining room table.

Matt Sparx

After not having a puppy for over a decade, I nearly forgot how much pent-up energy they can have. This means lots of toys strewn all over the house and every time you pick one up, another seems to appear from the toy box.

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Recently, my wife and I discovered that our pup has some sort of weird fear of hoof treats. We're not talking about the type of fear that she just shies away from them, she is full-on terrified of these types of treats. The first time we introduced a hoof treat to her, she barks, snarled, and growled at it. Eventually, she did take it, went and laid down with it, only to jump up in the air like a frightened cat at the hoof treat merely seconds later.

Matt Sparx

Over the weekend, she has discovered a new fear. Something that has been sitting on our bedroom dresser the entirety of her life in our home. While I was running an errand, my wife was getting ready for us to head out. When she was in the bathroom, our dog started to bark. Not a playful bark, but the "alert, alert... There is an intruder... Alert" type of bark. My wife said that she has never heard such a bark come from her before and she thought something may be wrong.

It turns out that our dog just then discovered the black chalk-painted piggy bank and deemed it a threat to our home. My wife has to show me her response to the piggy bank and opened up the bedroom door. Sure enough, our dog went ballistic at the piggy bank. Of course, I had to take a video of one of the encounters.

Since this video, she has growled at the piggy bank a few times but has come to the conclusion that there is no real threat from the figure that holds our spare change.

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