Extreme weather expert Dr. Roger Piekle Jr. recently commented on a new study that shows the risks of natural disasters have been going down for decades. From 1970-2019 things have been good, overall, for both people & property. Though, at the same time, the financial risks are higher as people have more wealth, own bigger homes, and have more stuff.

The study shows that while we might have the occasional spike in fire, tornado, or hurricane activity, the overall trend shows a decrease of those events.

It is true that this was a bad year in some parts of the United States for forest fires. But globally forest fire activity has decreased.

Climatologist report that ‘There has been a downward trend in strong (F3) to violent (F5) tornadoes in U.S. since 1950s’. While there might be the occasional spike in the number of tornadoes, and there was an upward spike weak tornadoes beginning in 2004, but even that overall trend is moving down again.

The planets climate is always, naturally, changing. This means that we have to roll with the punches. The current overall trend, for human life and property, is good. But that won't last forever. At some point the these natural events will begin to increase and we will have to adapt to it, once again. We have to make it through the rough weather years so we can enjoy the good years.

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