I was first told about this historic old road when I mentioned on-air that I was in the mood for a road trip. It was one of the most interesting drives I have ever taken in Wyoming.

Wyoming's old highway 87 was once a bustling main road, way back when. Not so much anymore, and that's the fun of it.

Along the way, the landscape will constantly change from one extreme to the next. Make sure to stop and soak it in.

Follow this link to take this new website with you that will guide you along the road, and its history.

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The route twisted and turned in so many ways. Chugwater's First Street and modern-day WY-321 was once the alignment of US-87.

When the US Highway System was implemented in 1926, US-87 Originally began in Rawlins and headed North on modern-day US-287 where it split into a West route along modern-day US-287 to Lander and East route along modern-day WY-220 to Casper. (From the website).

The old highway goes from there to Yellowstone National Park, US-87 W continued up through Dubois and Moran Junction along modern-day US-287 where it followed modern-day US-89 up to Gardiner, MT and further. At one time 87 was the most traveled route to Yellowstone.

Like most old highways 87 has been bypassed and combined with other roads so in some places it no longer looks like it used to. But the places 87 will take you are a major slice of the history of the place we now call Wyoming.

If you take your time you can learn about this area before humans. You can see millions of years of land and climate change as the Earth sank and heaved up over and over again. You can learn about dinosaurs and the first humans, all the way up to modern times.

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