Let's say you have had to travel to a different Wyoming town to find a few things you need. What about events you would like to know about if you are looking for something to do this weekend?

It would probably help a lot if there was an app that would list what you were after and take you there without a lot of driving around. Gas is so expensive these days.

A Gillette, Wyoming couple has created an app to help you find out what is going on no matter where you are in the state.

It's the new I Love Wyoming app.

'All the geolocation is built in so that I can see the events here in Gillette. And then when I'm in Cheyenne, I can see the events in Cheyenne. And when I'm in Casper, I can see the events in Casper. And so it follows you wherever you are,' said Molly Weisner, who owns the I Love Wyoming app with her husband Marcus. 'Whereas Facebook or Yelp, or all those kind of things, just kind of blast you with information, and whoever's gonna target you is gonna target you.' (Wyoming Public Media).


The app has a local events calendar, a newsfeed, a classifieds section, and ads for local businesses.

'It's no secret that small businesses really have a hard time advertising and being seen on these platforms because they don't have these big budgets,' she said. "They don't have the budgets that Google and Facebook, and Walmart, and these places have that they can just [use] unlimited resources for advertising and marketing."

There will be push notifications to people with the app who come within about 10 feet of a local business.

Texting sms while driving

Are you looking for things like guns, ammo, and livestock? You'll be able to zero in on those things when you pull into whatever Wyoming town you might be visiting.

The Weisners have licensed the app for the whole state. I Love Wyoming is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. It can also be found online.

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