Radio isn't just radio anymore.

There are so many ways to listen to Wyoming morning talk shows, even if you are not in range of one of the several stations that carry the show.

Wake Up Wyoming with Glenn Woods is heard on:

K2 Radio, out of Casper at 10:30 on the AM Dial and 95.1 FM
Broadcasting from Cheyenne you can hear the program on 650 AM KGAB.
Also, KOWB 1290 AM out of Laramie Wyoming.

Those signals, combined, allow listeners to tune in from the Montana border, down past Denver, and just as wide, east to west. That's a huge area.

But technology has changed many people's listening habits.

Almost half of the show's listeners don't listen to the radio at all.

Phone, hands, person
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Using the show's app, which is free to download, folks are tuning in on their phones.

Essentially it's like caring a radio in your pocket no matter where you go.

Listeners just touch the app and then select "LISTEN LIVE." 

Every show is archived.

If they missed the show live they just touch "ON DEMAND" and select the episode they want to listen to.

Morning news, weather, and most commercials are removed to condense the podcast of the show.

attachment-Glenn Woods Wyoming Radio Talk Host

Listeners can pause and restart the show at any time so they don't have to listen all at once.

There are other advantages to using the Wake Up Wyoming App.

Listeners still call the show and talk on air, offering their opinions on any topic.

But the app also has a "CHAT" option. Most listeners use that to send text messages which are answered on air, and Glenn types back to them during the breaks.

The app also provides local and state-wide news, weather, and sports.

The show has become a state-wide and regional conversation.

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