There are those who think that the Moon landings were faked. The claim is that NASA actually built a sound stage, faking the entire thing.

Well, apparently NASA is still trying to fool us. This time they are trying to convince us that they have rovers on Mars.

I live in Wyoming. I can tell you for sure that the alleged photos from Perseverance are actually photos from Wyoming.

Let's take a look at some actual landscape photos and compare. The video at the top of the page is  from Perseverance. Watch that, then look at the photos below.

Wyoming Wilderness via Vimeo

In the photo above the clouds are a giveaway. That's Wyoming, but put a rover down there and swap out the sky and NASA can ask for another billion dollars from congress.

Rich Denison, Townsquare Media

Where on Mars is this? Nowhere, It's Wyoming. But NASA knows that most people don't believe Wyoming even exists so why not just take a few pictures like this and tell the public we have a rover or two on Mars?


NASA was going to use the photo above but then realized THE ROAD WAS A DEAD GIVEAWAY!

Sometime in the not to distant future, NASA or SpaceX will claim that they have sent astronauts to Mars and we will be able to watch it all on TV.

Well don't you worry. I'll be ready for them. Now that I know the exact kind of landscape they are looking for I'll be out there, ready to capture evidence of their faked landing.

A few years ago Ian Delap of Townsquare Media wrote a clever post asking readers to see if they could look at a photo and decide if the picture was from Mars or Wyoming. You can look at that post and take the quiz at this link.

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