What if we built a "Come live on Mars" hotel, in Wyoming?

There have been several fun posts we've put up comparing Wyoming to Mars. There are plenty of comparisons to be made between Wyoming and the red planet.

There was a University of Wyoming study comparing the two. People from Wyoming would have an easy time living on Mars.

HOLD ON- There is a way to have fun and make money with this idea.

Let's use Wyoming's unique climate to make a Mars-themed hotel!

Below is a video of a man who built a home that looks like a space capsule on another planet.

He lives in it, part-time.

Let's build a bunch of these then offer people a weekend, or a week, living on MARS, right here in Wyoming.

They can rent a space capsule house, someplace north of Rawlins.

We'll give them space suits to walk around in.

If they want we can even have a NASA Mars rover drive by and take pictures of them.

I'm sure some people would want the authentic Mars experience.

Others would prefer to have a space adventure with aliens.

So do you want to experience Mars like in the movie Total Recall?

Or would you rather experience Mars like in the movie The Martian, where you get to act like you are stranded alone on the planet?

Think of this as a theme park.

Both kids and adults would love this experience.

We can even take them to their "cabin" in a bus that makes them think they are on a long rocket ship ride to the red planet.

Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

Where's Elon Musk when you need him to design a Disney theme park?

Finding land that looks like Mars is easy.

Now we need investors and builders to put together our theme park.

Take the quiz below to see if you can tell the difference between these places in Wyoming and pictures of Mars.

Trust me, you will not do as well as you think.

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