You can mark two days on your calendar every year that people are going to open a can of complaints about. When our clocks 'Spring Forward' on the 2nd Sunday of March in Springtime and when they 'Fall Back' on the 2nd Sunday of November in Autumn. I don't understand why people complain, you know it's going to happen and has since 1918.

Most of the complaints are

  • Everyone's sleep gets thrown off
  • We lose an hour of daylight in the winter
  • It financially doesn't make sense anymore
  • Changing the clock can make people sick

The daylight savings time idea had been around for hundred's of years and in some places "unofficially" adjusted their schedules more drastic than the current DST system we have. In the late 1800's and early 1900's, studies were being done to see if there would be any advantages to changing the time with the changing seasons. Day's that have more light in the summer and days that have less light in the winter. No Country officially made the switch until 1908 when places in Ontario, Canada started using the time change. Between 1908 and 1918 other countries including the United States jumped on board to help with conserving energy and make better use of daylight.

I for one am ok with us getting back to the shorter daylight hours, because I'm one of those "early to bed, early to risers". It pains me to go to bed in the summers when the sun still had 2-3 hours in the sky. On the other hand, it gets darker earlier during the winter giving prime sleeping conditions.

No matter what you feel about the time changing, it's going to happen except in Hawaii and Arizona  where they stay the same time all year round (that's a whole other ball of confusion).

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