Some people never learn.

Let's follow this one man who was chased down by police in Campbell County Wyoming to see how many STUPID life choices he can make in one day.

Rozet Wyoming, about 1:30 p.m. May 10.

That's 1. Living in Rozet is a big mistake.

Rozet, population, hard to tell, very tiny, is the home of the most horrible-looking strip club you have ever seen. That's the town's biggest employer. The story is that they are famously known for once having a one-legged stripper.

A neighbor reported a domestic disturbance.

That's 2. Don't get into an argument so big that the police have to be called.

As police were arriving the man in question was already driving away.

That's 3. When the police turn on their flashy thingies on the top of their cars, STOP!

Police chased him due east of Gillette onto Garner Lake Road and onto Highway 59.

That's 4. Now it's a high-speed chase down a back highway. This is not making things better. It's making them far worse. But this idiot never learns.

The man drove into a deputy’s vehicle at Highway 59 and Whitetail Street. That deputy went to the hospital.

WOW! Ramming a cop car. That's A BIG #5.

At this point, the police are REALLY NOT HAPPY!

Especially when an officer is hurt.

They also don't like it when you scuff their vehicle's paint job.

I bet this dummies car insurance, if he has any, is REALLY HIGH!

The man continued driving... because he was an idiot.

That's 6. This makes hitting the cop car and driving off a HIT AND RUN! Add that to the many charges he's racking up.

... and entered the parking lot of a Shell station on Highway 59 in Gillette, where he got into a pickup truck,

What do you want to bet that it was not his truck?

That's 7. So now he is trying to swap to a better getaway vehicle after they damaged the last one BY RAMING A COP CAR!

Officers broke a window to try to get him out of that vehicle.

That's 8. Making the officers break a window rather than just giving up is a big no-no. BUT HOLD ON, this gets FAR WORSE!

See, the problem here is this guy tries to correct a series of bad choices with more, even worse, choices. 

To stop him officers had to ram the vehicle that the man entered using another Campbell County Sheriff’s Office vehicle.

HOLY COW! That's a HUGE #9. Now we have two damaged cop cars and at this point, the officers are getting a bit adjugated. Or, maybe they are having fun. Honestly, didn't they become cops for this kind of adventure?

Finally, #10. There is a high chance that the man will be charged with aggravated assault on an officer.

To further drive home his propensity for bad life choices we find that this guy was wanted on multiple warrants.

He just doesn't know when to stop, does he?

Police found multiple warrants from three South Dakota counties: Butte, Lawrence, and Meade.

He is wanted for possession of a controlled substance, burglary, eluding, and grand theft.

BONUS MISTAKE! He is also wanted for driving through a yard and a fence in the Antelope Valley community of Gillette.

I bet as a little boy he was a handful.

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