I never imagined such a thing. What a brilliant idea.

This gentleman built himself a small cabbing, just big enough to lay down in, and goes winter camping in it.

He pulls it anywhere he wants behind his snowmobile.

attachment-Heated Snowmobile Camper YouTube Screen Grab 2

Talk about getting away from it all, and everyone. Plus he gets to have a cabin in the mountains anywhere he wants it.

As you see in the video, below, once he gets out there setup is easy.

How he heats the inside of the little cabin is really clever. He's not running a generator. He found a way to get the heat from the fire, outside, to run through hot water lines into the cabin for heat.

So, in other words, the cabin is thermal heated from the campfire.

attachment-Heated Snowmobile Camper YouTube Screen Grab 4

If you were thinking, 'wow that cabin looks heavy.' It's really not.

Much of what you can't see is all the foam insulation he put on the inside.

attachment-Heated Snowmobile Camper YouTube Screen Grab 5

The outside wood is also not very heavy, making the entire rig easy to pull.

Also, inside the walls, are wires for electricity, which is battery operated, and heating pipes.

On his first test of the cab, the temperature outside dropped to 1f. Yet he says it was nice inside when he wore in the morning at 55f.

You can imagine the fire outside finally burned out and he spent about half the night keeping warm by what heat had been trapped inside plus his own body heat.

The only downside is once he opens the big door on the side of the cabin all the heat rushes out. He won't have a warm spot again until he restarts the fire.

This entire cabin and heating system is a test. No one, not even this builder, has ever tried this before.

Enjoy the video and the others he has produced on these unique build ideas.

His YouTube channel is called The Outsider. "Wilderness living is what I'm all about: log cabins, wild food foraging, tractor logging, portable sawmill, survival shelters, etc."

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