How many times have you seen a place in Wyoming and thought, 'Wow I'd love to have a cabin right over there.'

Over there can mean so many things. 

Mountain top, by a river, creek, or lake, or just way out in the woods where you can't be found.

Debra Moerke and Chris Larramendy Stratton Real Estate,
Debra Moerke and Chris Larramendy
Stratton Real Estate,

The problem with a cabin is that once you build it you can only go to that one place.

Cabins also need a lot of maintenance. You'll need to pay property taxes. Did you want running water and power? Those things will cost you.

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You'll worry about the place each time a big storm hits. What damage was done? How much will the repairs cost.

Why not just have a small cabin that you can take with you?

attachment-Truck House Life YouTube screen grab snow

Drop it down on the bed of the truck and pull that thing up to any place you have ever wanted to have a cabin. It's cheap, easy, and costs a heck of a lot less than a real cabin. A lot less work too.

From the YouTube page Truck House Life comes what must be the perfect portable cabin for Wyoming life.

attachment-Truck House Life YouTube screen grab inside

FROM THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION: The official full tour of a one-of-a-kind, homemade Alaskan Overlanding and adventure rig! If you enjoy the video make sure to like/subscribe to see more of my videos, I've got some fun and interesting content and new videos coming up, and most of the videos will involve the ole' truck house:^). Cheers everyone!

attachment-Truck House Life YouTube screen grab sofa bed

If you're a handy builder you can even set it up to drop the legs of the cabin and drive the truck away.

Then you can place your cabin where you want it for the weekend, or longer, and pick it up and drive it home when you are through.


This clever building is one of several people who have built cabins for their pickups.

While we are at it, let's look at a few more.

Anna built this awesome micro camper in 5 months to explore the open road. This truck camper goes to show you that you can live incredibly tiny while also experiencing a cozy home. The skills she has learned during this build will last a lifetime we are certain the memories she gains on the road will be even more valuable!

Here is a log cabin for a truck that costs just $800 to build.

That means there is not much to it, but that's the point, isn't it?

From the YouTube channel Wonderhussy Adventures

"A strange guy wanted to show me something out in the desert...and it turned out to be this super cool home-built truck camper made entirely of wood! Even crazier, he used cedar fence posts for most of it! The craftsmanship of this camper is amazing -- it's super cozy, well-insulated, and relatively lightweight. Check it out!"

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