Well, this guy is committed.

Or needs to be committed.

Thursday afternoon, Casper Wyoming.

It was raining, and hailing, there was a tornado up on the mountain, LITERALLY!

NO, SERIOUSLY! I have pictures of a tornado on the mountain.

Look for yourself.

But that's not the worst of it.

attachment-Casper Mountain Photo By Clayton Wolf

The worst of it would be THE LIGHTING!

If I were to hand a guy a metal pole and tell him to walk out into the middle of that field, during a lightning storm, and hold up a metal rod, he would tell me no.


But if I ask this guy if he wants to go GOLFING during those same conditions, he says yes.


For proof, I offer the following photo.

Photo By Tim Mandese
Photo By Tim Mandese

At this point, you have to wonder if he loves golf this much or does he just have a crappy home life.

Is he fighting with his wife?

Are his kids that annoying?

Does he just want to find an interesting way to DIE?

There are old sayings about TEMPTING FATE!

If you want to know what tempting fate looks like, just look here.

This is as bad as playing golf when a bear is on the course


attachment-Bear vs Golfer

There is dedication or passion, and golf is a passion for many people.

Then there is what this guy is doing.

I kept an eye on him as he played.

I was waiting to call an ambulance at any time.

Lucky for him, nothing bad happened.

From the movie CADDY SHACK!

Double Decker Coffee Bus

YES, you can enjoy your beverage upstairs.

The beautiful double-decker bus can be seen parked around Casper Wyoming in the summer.

They serve traditional coffee - various mixed coffee drinks - and real fruit smoothies.

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