When I saw the fist bump between Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney and President Joe Biden I thought 'This is not going to play well.'

The next morning the first caller to my morning talk show wondered if Liz Cheney was more chummy with Joe Biden than she was with Donald Trump.

People can message me while I'm on the air through the shows app. I turned to read the messages I was getting and they were all very much the same. What was Liz doing? Everyone wanted to know.

Let's replay the moment. You can watch it in the video below.

When the president was introduced everyone stood and applauded. That gesture is out of respect for the office of the president. Not who is in it. Liz even stood and applauded when President Trump was introduced.

While President Biden was walking down the aisle he was holding his fist out to bump anyone he passed. Liz was assigned an aisle seat. He held out his fist to her. She politely responded to his gesture.

Sometimes a person must be cordial. We all have people in our lives, personally and professionally that we must play nice with even if we don't want to. Joe Biden is, after all, the president of the united states. Maybe Liz is just being nice out of respect for the office. She acted the same way around Donald Trump and she doesn't like him.

If President Trump was walking down the isle and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stayed seated with her arms folded. What would people have said? If as Trump greeted people he offered her a "how are you this evening?" and she turned away, what would people have said?


Still, a photo like this just does not play well, especially in Wyoming where folks are not happy at her voting to impeach President Trump.

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Her political opponents who will be running against her in the next election cycle pounced. 

“The lady in blue, @RepLizCheney is probably the only republican allowed in the room,” Anthony Bouchard wrote on Twitter. “She is a disgrace and fails to represent the people of Wyoming. #embarrassing#resign#impeachlizcheney. Let’s get her out! Help me fight!” (Cowboy State Daily).

Representative Chuck Gray wrote, “Liz, fist bump your way right out of Wyoming. We need to fire Liz right now,” he wrote. (Cowboy State Daily).

This moment has brought Liz national criticism from conservative pundits across America. If you want to have some fun seeing the reactions take a look at this link of headlines I Googled. A lot is being said about this moment that lasted but a split second.

If I may, let me ask you 3 questions.

Was she just being nice out of respect for the office?

Should she have snubbed him?

Should she have just stayed home?

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