This has got to be the most self serving, ridiculous, University Of Wyoming study this year. It looks to me like they are just trying, desperately, to save their budget from state cutbacks.

UW surveyed Wyoming residents and found that Wyomingites think that the University of Wyoming is a wonderful university that provides everything you would hope a university would provide for its students and the state.


Apparently 64% of Wyomingites surveyed by UW think the university is spending its budget wisely. WELL GOLLY GOSH what a shocker! I wonder what the result would have been if someone critical of UW had done the study.

A WHOPPING 60% of Wyomingites, apparently, believe the university does an excellent or good job responding to the needs of the state.

The study was conducted by cell phone. They only called 614 people - at random. WOW - that's a nice scientific sampling for you.

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UW's president is DELIGHTED with the results.

“We’re delighted that the people of Wyoming regard their state’s university highly,” UW President Ed Seidel gloated. “We intend to do everything we can to build on that foundation and increase our educational and research excellence, as well as our level of service to the state, during a time when the state needs us perhaps more than ever.”

As for the quality of education - not to worry - all 614 people that were called at random had nothing but great things to say about UW's education system. Only 7% said “fair” and 1% said “poor” when asked to rate the quality.

So does Wyoming  think that UW is getting better all the time? BY GOLLY YES! It must be true 60% said the University is improving.

By the way, of the 614 people surveyed 86% said that they did not have a degree from UW. Most of those people had never been to UW. They have no idea how UW is spending it's money. YET -- They love everything about the university.

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