WOW, that horse in the photo above really caught some air.

This was at the 2022 Chugwater Chili Cookoff and Rodeo.

If you look closely you can see the cowboy using the stirrups as well as his legs and arms, let's throw them back in too, just to keep on that horse.

How high do you think they are off the ground?

Let's take a closer look at horses jumping high to get rid of their rider.

Wyoming's High Jumping Rodeo Horses

Horses have different ideas on how to get a cowboy off their back.

The most common way they try is actually the least effective way.

But it is so much fun to watch.

Painful To Watch, Chugwater Rodeo Rider Caught Under Hoof

Harding ridding at the 2021 Chugwater Chili Cookoff in Chugwater Wyoming

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