Not all tourists are stupid. 

Seriously, there are some smart ones out there.

Usually, these are the people who are more experienced in travel.

In the videos below you'll meet a family with a popular YouTube page FINDING OUR SOMEDAY, all about travel and adventure.

While visiting Wyoming's Tetons they found a trail to hike near the top of one of the less rocky mountains.

They cut that hike short when they came across fresh bear tracks.


Nobody in their group had the desire to go find the bear and get a selfie or a hug.

Let's start with their arrival in the Black Hills of South Dakota. From there they head to Wyoming where they encounter those fresh bear prints.

This family is now on the road full-time with their YouTube channel.


We are Corey and Jessie, and we sold our home in Maine and almost everything we own (ok, ok...there are a few bins in Jess' mother's garage!) and moved into our Grand Design Reflection 28bhts with our girls, Lily and Leila, to travel for a while and find a new place to call home.

That was the original plan, but we are loving traveling so much, who knows?

Next up is the Devil's Tower KOA.

This campsite is a great place to get a view of the tower from where you're staying.

Our family took this leap after Jess' father passed away in 2014 after a long fight with ALS, Lou Gehrig's, at just 53. He didn't get his "someday", so we decided not to wait to find ours.

Below is the video of Jackson, Wyoming, and their encounter with those fresh bear tracks. This is where their experience as travelers comes in.

We here in Wyoming are beyond tired of watching tourists get hurt by animal attacks or burning themselves in our hot spring, which we told them to stay out of.

Traveling across the top of Wyoming this way gives a limited view into the many wonders of the state.

Here's hoping they come back along our many back highways to see what they missed.

Below is the video where they find the bear tracks and a few other things that cause them to rethink and turn around.

While this family demonstrates some travel smarts there are plenty of naive travelers who visit Wyoming, and many other parts of the country, having never ventured far from home.

Maybe that's the problem.

If they have never really gone far from home then they have no idea what to do when they come across something they have never seen before.

That is why we here in Wyoming would like to show EVERY VISITOR to our great state Hank Patter's video on Surviving Yellowstone. 

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