A funding award from the Rocky Mountian Power Blue Sky program was awarded to the City of Laramie to support the installation of solar panels for the Laramie Community Recreation Center and the Ice & Events Center

The groundbreaking ceremony will take place on Tuesday, October 13 at 11 am. It will be held at the south end of the parking lot at the Ice & Event Center located at 3510 E Garfield Street. The public is invited to attend, refreshments will be served.

The City of Laramie would like to remind attendees that face coverings are required, and social distancing is encouraged.

The solar installation at the Laramie Community Recreation Center and the Ice & Event Center represents the City’s first major step toward carbon neutrality.

Once the installation is complete, the public can track the impact of the project through on-site monitors, which will help to measure solar gain.

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