His name is Armin Küpper. He plays the saxophone. One day he saw the construction of an oil pipeline near his town. The pipe stretched as far as the eye could see, and one end of it was open.

Armin knew immediately what he must do. After the workers had gone home, he returned with his saxophone and experimented with blowing notes down the endlessly long open pipe. The sound that came echoing back to him was astounding.

2 more bonus videos are below where Armin experiments with different sounds, including percussion instruments and a singer.

He has now made a series of videos at his YouTube page of him playing little concerts in front of the opening.

Since the workers are always expanding the pipe and because it bends and twists along the landscape, the sound that returns to him changes everyday. That is why I left for you the second video, below. He can also change the echo and volume in some very unusual ways by how he approaches the pipe and moves in, out, and around it as he plays.

The sound of Armin and the singer working together is something that only the most expert audio engineer could come up with in a recording studio.

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