Just a generation or two ago winter meant working harder than ever, outside, just to stay alive. Wood had to be chopped and hauled just to keep the house warm. There were animals to tend to or they would die. It did not matter what the weather was doing, much of the work was outside. Today we will literally DIE if Netflix goes out.

MORNING: No sense in getting up yet. It's the weekend and the weather is just the worst out there. Sure, there are thing that need to be done, but maybe when the sun gets up a little higher the weather will improve.

LATE MORNING: Managed to make it to the sofa did you? The weather is still bad, so no sense in getting those chores done. Maybe around noon it will warm up enough. It might be a good idea to get up and make breakfast, but the kitchen is WAY OVER THERE!

Is that your neighbor out there shoveling his walk? Don't go to the window and look. That just makes you look lazy. He has no idea the important work you have going on inside this house.

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NOON: Breakfast was a big accomplishment. Who says you didn't get anything done today? Maybe a shower is in order, but it's not a good idea to waste electricity and water when it's so cold and windy. I mean, after all, if we have a sudden snow emergency we're going to need that stuff, so better save it. That is why you are back on the sofa. Just stay put and preserve energy at all costs.

Speaking of emergency, it is a good idea to stay informed. Better turn on the tv. But the remote is WAY OVER THERE! Why didn't you ever teach the dog to fetch the remote? "Here, boy!"

2pm. Intended to watch the news and weather, but a Game Of Thrones marathon is on- got distracted.

4pm. Is it too early to start thinking about making dinner? Not really, no. I mean, if you order it now the delivery guy might be here by 5pm. Good thing your nice neighbor was good enough to shovel your walkway too. You should thank him, maybe this spring.

8pm. Pizza caused a carb crash and you fell asleep on the sofa. Only halfway through the Game Of Thrones marathon. Might need to spend the night on the sofa. The bedroom is WAY OVER THERE!

Winter is so hard. How did the first Wyoming homesteaders do it?

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