I just found T-Shirts and Stickers of one of Wyoming's most famous fading landmarks. 

It has become one of Wyoming's most famous landmarks. The old neon sign for The Tumble Inn.

Sizzlin Steaks don't ya know.

Located along highway 26, west of Casper Wyoming the old Tumble Inn was one of many stops that used to exist back before the interstate highway system took travelers away from them.

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Driving 26, if you keep an eye out, you'll see a number of old stores and hotels along the way. There used to be more, but some have been torn down.

Yet the buildings and the sign for the old Tumble Inn still stand as does its famous sign that used to shine neon to travelers across the vast open grasslands.

Now you can buy a T-Shirt with this famous old sign on it from JointShirt, as well as several other vendors on the internet.


The shirt comes in all colors. Red looks good but it makes it hard to read the words under his boots which reads. 

Tumble Inn Lounge - Cafe, Powder River Wyoming.

From there I hunted around a little more and found stickers that you can put on anything. This sticker is on the website Redbubble.

attachment-Tuble Inn Redbuble

I looked for the logo on a hat or bumper sticker but could not find it. Though I bet you can just use this sticker, above, for your car.

Get them before the old place is swallowed up by the rolling grasslands of central Wyoming.

Powder River is a small, dying town. It once boasted two restaurants, a motel, a gas station, etc.

Drive-by today and all you will see is an elementary school, a post office, and some private homes. I'm really not sure what anybody out there really does for a living.

In its day the old Tumble Inn was a hopping place. It was the only "watering hole" between Shoshoni and Casper. But that all came to an end about 20 years ago.

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