More and more people are traveling to Wonderful Wyoming and at all times of the year, to glimpse of outdoor beauty.

A YouTube channel, The Tennessee Trip Taker, known for its "short trips anyone can do for a day or over a weekend", recently posted a video (April 20th, 2021), highlighting both Cheyenne and the Rocky Mountain National Park.

The short, 3:00 minute video shows high resolution, 360˚ views of many Cheyenne landmarks. What makes this video unique is that they didn't wait for the weather to warm up to enjoy the great outdoors.

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Along with this beautiful footage, the video description states:

Early morning in Wyoming, stopping at the Cheyenne Depot Plaza, Wyoming State Capitol, and the grounds of the Cheyenne Frontier Days. Only a short drive away we arrive at the Rocky Mountain National Park, located just a couple of hours from Cheyenne and Denver. At the time of recording, most of the parks roads were closed on account of ice and snow on the roads.

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