Rep. Chuck Gray, R-Casper, is the lead sponsor of a bill that would name a 10.6-mile stretch of highway that loops around the backside of Casper — currently named Wyoming Boulevard after former president Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Boulevard? 

ACTUALLY NO! Representative Gray sent me a note explaining:

"Glenn--I'm going to give private funds for the highway signs.  It will cost no state dollars. It also does not rename Wyoming boulevard. It designates a state highway."

There might actually be a WEIRD advantage to that. Hang on I'll explain.

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Virginia Beach
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FIRST... why not? 

The Florida Turnpike was renamed The Ronald Regan Turnpike. Lots of roads, airports, and buildings are named after former presidents.

When it was mentioned to Representative Gray that naming something like a road after Trump would cause some heads to explode he almost seemed to chuckle.

AH, so that's what this is really all about. He doesn't care so much if the road is renamed or not. He was just after the reaction. OR IS THERE MORE TO THIS EVIL PLAN?


HELL then just name it PRESIDENT TRUMP BOULEVARD! Or how about TRUMP WON EXPRESSWAY. That will really get them.


Renaming the road after President Trump might just have some money-saving advantages. ACTUALLY, this could MAKE the state some money.

Wyoming Rep' Chuck Gray of Casper
Wyoming Rep' Chuck Gray of Casper

Wyoming Boulevard is kind of like a beltway around a major city. It takes people away from traffic around the southern side of the town with a long stretch that does not have any stoplights.

Google Maps
Google Maps

No self-respecting Democrat will drive that road. Heck, they would be embarrassed if one of their friends caught them driving it. That means a lot less traffic. Less traffic is less wear and tear.

On the other hand, if they start running over all the new Trump signs the state can make a ton of money on traffic fines.

Angry driving

Finally! A politician who is out to save us money. 

Also, Wyoming Boulevard is known as one of the windiest roads in the state. Since some consider Trump to be a blowhard, the jokes write themselves. 

I sent Rep' Chuck Gray a note saying that if he managed to get this passed then he should take the old rutted, potholed road to the county dump and name it after Hillary.

He laughed.

I hope he actually considers it.

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