The problem is simple: voters in states like California WRECKED their once-great states by putting into power the nuttiest of the nutty nutballs.

Now that their state is unlivable they move away.

The problem is they haven't learned anything and they are about to pack and bring all their dumb ideas and bad voting habits with them.

They find states that are not such a mess, because the voters made smarter choices, and they move there. But they keep their poor voting habits.

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Do we just let them ruin another state?

That is why, a few years ago, I wrote The Wyoming Citizenship Oath, for new residents. You can read that oath father below.

But listeners to my radio show wanted more. "What about a citizenship TEST?"

That sounds like a great idea. If a new arrival in the state can pass the test then they can take the oath and stay.

Here is what we came up with.



Your neighbor is doing something that you find offensive. How do you handle the situation?
A). Mind your own business
B). Mind your own business
C). Mind your own business
D). All of the above

Is it okay to riot, loot, and burn down your town for any reason?

You drive a hybrid or all-electric vehicle. You see someone driving a massive truck, for personal use. Do you...
A). Push to enact state laws prohibiting vehicles of a certain size.
B). Push for heavy taxes and regulations on vehicles you don't like and offer tax breaks and subsidies for vehicles you do like.
C). It's not your business what somebody else drives.

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Science shows that CO2...
A). Is a pollutant that is destroying the planet.
B). Promotes life and without it this is a dead planet.

The purpose of government is to...
A). Provide for the wants and needs of anyone who claims to be "less fortunate."
B). To protect our freedoms and liberties as individuals, and not much more.
C). To guide us.

Wyoming police should be...
A). Defunded
B). Funded MORE!


When you see a person in any uniform, police, fire, military, etc., you should
A). Get angry and act out
B). Thank them for their service.

A human right is...
A). Healthcare
B). Not a product or service provided by the government.

Is it okay to poop on the sidewalks in Wyoming?
A). Yes.
C). Only if you are a wild animal.
D). Yes, I want Wyoming to smell just like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago & New York City.

Gross, face, Nasty, yuck, yucky,

Can the government provide anything for free?
A). Yes
B). No

Does a person have a right to bear arms?
A). Yes
B). No

Does the constitution allow the government to restrict the right to bear arms?
A). Yes
B). No


The government needs to...
A). Be bigger and do more.
B). Is far too big and powerful and needs to be smaller and do less.

If you want high-speed fiber optic internet for your home or business you should...
A). Get a government grant or subsidy.
B). Find a way to pay for it yourself.

You hear somebody saying something that offends you. You should...
A). Report them and have them canceled.
B). Throw a fit in public.
C). Don't bother with people who hold beliefs that offend your sensibilities. They have the right to express themselves just like you do.


Most people are...
A). Watching everything you do, so you should virtue signal.
B) Are not really paying attention to you and you should not care what they are doing.

People who make a lot more money than you...
A). Need to be heavily taxed.
B). It's not my business how much money somebody else has.

Should Wyoming have a state income tax?
A). Yes
B). No

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Corbis via Getty Images

In the space below write a paragraph describing what a Jackalope is.


I hope you did well. because if you flunked that test, especially on the income tax or gun questions, we will have to send you back to the state that you escaped from.

If you passed, please remove your hat and raise your right hand.

The Wyoming Citizenship Oath (A Pledge For Potential New Arrivals)


1). I ___________ hereby understand that Wyoming is a quiet state because there are so many guns. 'An armed society is a polite society.' I understand that I will not be required to own a gun, but it is sort of seen as an embarrassment if I don't own at least six or more.

2). As a citizen of Wyoming, I_____________ understand that I will be expected to earn my own way. It is expected that I will help those in need, but being in need of help is never to be a permanent condition.

3). I ___________ understand that I am to mind my own business, as those around me are expected to mind their own.

4). It is understood that I __________ am expected to make fun of Colorado, even if that is where I escaped from.

5). I ____________ promise that I will never ask where the "safe space" is. I will "cowboy up" and deal with it.

6). I ______________ accept responsibility for all that I have done and take responsibility for all that I will do.

I have printed this oath and am sending it to the governor and several state legislators to make it something that everyone has to sign before they move here (NOT KIDDING).

Wyoming Mountain Man Convention

Vintage Wyoming Movie Posters

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That got me thinking about old Westerns based on Wyoming. How many of those posters are still around?

Many are, and many are for sale online, if you want to decorate your home, or even home theater, with classic and mostly forgotten movie posters.

Most of these films were made before the era of television. Hollywood was cranking out these things as fast as they could.

The plots, the scrips, the acting, directing, and editing were SO BAD, they were good.

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