Tiny houses are all the rage these days. Even if you don't plan to live in one, the options to stay in one are vast.

I like to think that my 1,200 sq/ft home is pretty nice. Sure, there are some updates and improvements that need to be done, but it is the perfect home for my family. I have never been keen on the concept of 'tiny living'. In my mind, there just isn't enough space to be comfortable and I would always feel like I was living in a camper. I honestly have never even really wanted to stay in one on vacation. Then I stumbled upon this 399 sq/ft structure that made me look at my own home in a different way.

For being so small in square footage, there is surprisingly a decent amount of space. According the listing, it can sleep up to four people. This tiny home has all the amenities and high end finishes that I thought I could never find in such a small space. It really makes me want to step up my game in remodeling my own home. That being said, I would never dream of living in a tiny home like this. but I would consider staying there.

The average rental rate per night is $399. Yikes. I asked my wallet, he said no. I'm sure it is no surprise to you that this tiny house is located in Jackson, WY, where everything costs more than I can afford. I will just have to settle with looking at the photos for now.

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