I'm going to be as insulting as I can be because I know these slobs are too stupid to read.


Can't take a few minutes to go to the local landfill? Don't want to spend a few bucks to make sure your state not rolling with JUNK?

OKAY, who's the JERK or JERKS dumping trash out near Riverton?

Actually, it has to be more than one person.

It took three dump trucks to carry off more than six tons of garbage east of Riverton last week, cleaning up an area where illegally-dumped trash is so prolific, that it’s part of the landscape, according to Cowboy State Daily.

Anthony Verano / TSM Hudson Valley
Anthony Verano / TSM Hudson Valley

The trash was up by Gas Hills Road. Beyond where they found that is the Wind River Indian Reservation, more plus public lands – and acers more garbage

Six men packed three eight-yard dump trucks with 12,280 pounds of washers, dryers, furniture, and other household trash over the course of one workday, according to Cody Beers, a senior public relations specialist with WYDOT. (Cowboy State Daily).

Pardon me for venting.

fat guy laying on the couch
tracy king

This photo represents the kind of LOSER that dumps trash out in the middle of nowhere.

Actually, I know that this is not the place to do it. People who dump trash like that don't read. So, even if I showed when what I said here they would not understand it.

Normally the state nails slobs like these with jail time and fines.

That's not going to get through to them, honestly.

I would make them load those pickup trucks, and make them pay for the fuel and hourly pay of the officers making them work.

Then I would make them drive those trucks to their own homes and force them to dump that trash in their own yards and inside their own homes.

They would be in big trouble if they tried to clean it up or move out.

Because we know what kind of people they are here are some roadkill cookbooks for them to... oh, sorry, they can't read.

8 Roadkill Cookbooks

Now that it is legal to scrape and cook roadkill in Wyoming, you'll need to know how to cook that.


Vintage Wyoming Movie Posters

I love walking down the hallway of a modern movie theater and looking at the old posters of vintage movies.

That got me thinking about old Westerns based on Wyoming. How many of those posters are still around?

Many are, and many are for sale online, if you want to decorate your home, or even home theater, with classic and mostly forgotten movie posters.

Most of these films were made before the era of television. Hollywood was cranking out these things as fast as they could.

The plots, the scrips, the acting, directing, and editing were SO BAD, they were good.

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