The human brain loves patterns and coincidences.

We also like to be alive when something happens that doesn't happen very often. As long as that something isn't an asteroid slamming the Earth.

Today is Tuesday. But we might as well call it TWO's Day.

It's also the 2nd month and the 22nd day of that month in the year 2022.

2/22/22. And this so-called “Twosday” falls on a Tuesday, no less.

Imagine how excited people are going to be when we get to 02/22/2222.

Artit Buayai
Artit Buayai

Some people like to search for meaning in all of this. There isn't any. It's just that, mathematically, it had to happen.

Psychologists who study how paranormal claims and pseudoscience like to take days like this and watch how people FREAK OUT as if the numbers and some cosmic meaning. They want to know what it all means.

Nothing really. It's just numbers ticking away and at times they line up. That's all.

Twosday isn’t the only date with a striking pattern. This century alone has had a couple of Onesdays (1/11/11 and 11/11/11), and 11 other months with repetitions such as 01/01/01, 06/06/06, and 12/12/12. We’ll hit Threesday, 3/3/33, in 11 years, and Foursday 11 years after that.


There is the ancient fortune-telling method called numerology. But that comes from a time when we used letters as numbers. Like Roman numerals. Now and then someone might be calculating numbers and it would spell a word. Maybe a name might have a significant date in it. Today numerologists have to translate numbers back into letters to see if they find anything.

It's total nonsense. But the human brain loves to find patterns and attach meaning to them.

It will be a while before we see a date like today's date again. Enjoy the weirdness while you can.

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