Wow we thought 2020 was so bad people posted 2020 sucks songs on YouTube.

Then, 2021 came along all cocky and said, "Hold my beer." 

It's not quite the new year yet but already 2022 looks like it wants to "jump the shark." So what do we do?

I have a few suggestions that will make 2022 better, despite its best efforts to be worse.

1). Turn off the major news networks and anything and anyone else who make a living by keeping you in a constant state of anxiety and panic.

2). 2022 will be an election year. Don't vote for anyone who has held office for the past two years. They have not only caused all of these problems they have spent the past 2 years making everything worse.

3). Don't make any New Year Resolutions. But be careful of that one. Making a resolution to not resolve anything is a resolution in itself. That means you are breaking the resolution you are resolving not to make which is self-defeating. Effectively you'll just feel like an idiot.

Hiking up

4). Choose to only be around those people who make you a better person. Return the favor.

5). Spend less time finding things to be angry about. Spend more time finding things to be happy about.

6). All those stupid things you did the last couple of years - well - don't do them again.

7). Just because 2022 is going to SUCK for everyone else does not mean it needs to suck for you. Keep that attitude. 




Speedy dog on car window.

8). Don't spend money like an idiot.

9). Don't be an idiot.

10). Don't hang around with idiots.

I think that's about all you need to know.

I'd wish you a great year but your life is up to YOU.

So don't do wishes. Make it happen.

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