First, let's be very clear - THERE IS NO TOILET PAPER SHORTAGE. Plenty is being manufactured. Plenty is being shipped.

What is happening is folks are buying out stores of anything they think they might need for fear of Coronavirus.

So at no point in this story will I be calling this a "shortage."

There is, however, hoarding that has now reached Wyoming.

From the Facebook page Gillette Rants & Raves "In case anyone was needing toilet paper. These people bought every roll Home Depot had." While the people in this picture did purchase a lot, they were not the only ones.

Here is a picture, reportedly from the Albertson's in Gillette.

Here is a picture on 03/09/20 King Soopers (3702 Dell Range Blvd, Cheyenne, WY).

Bill Roberts took this picture at one of the Walmarts in Cheyenne, early Tuesday morning, 03/10/20.

Other listeners sent reports from around the state to my personal Face Book page:

Trenda Allen wrote,  "guy working in Sam's Club in Cheyenne said they put out four pallets of sanitizing wipes this morning and were sold out in an hour."

Janet Hill "Same at Walmart and Sam's in Cheyenne and no Clorox wipes or bleach!!"

Jennifer McCarty "Walmart in Riverton was the same, just ridiculous."

Jana Lee Williams "My daughter works for Walmart. She says it isn’t just the stores. The warehouses that supply the stores are out too."

The good news is, once this silly panic buying is over, the rest of us will be able to buy a fresh supply - probably on sale.

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