(Sarcasm and satire, my favorite ways to make a point. - Glenn Woods).

Back in the year 2000 Dr. David Viner, a UK climatologist said,  “Within a few years winter snowfall will become a very rare and exciting event. Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,"

Back in 2009 former vice president Al Gore said that the Arctic polar ice cap will disappear entirely in the summer months in as little as five years.

All because of man pumping more CO2 into the air.

Yet here we are, 2023, about to receive yet another blast of sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow.

More big winter weather events are on the way after this one.

To combat this onslaught of, um, "global warming," the state of Wyoming has decided to ditch the ridiculous idea of "carbon capture" from its coal and natural gas power plants.

OBVIOUSLY, we need to pump more of that stuff into the air if we are going to have any "global warming" at all.


white winter landscape with red traffic sign in the snow
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During this week's blizzard, and sub-zero arctic temperatures, those wind turbines and solar farms will be doing NOTHING to keep you warm.

You can thank coal and gas for keeping your house cozy and warm.


Go on, use all the heat you need.

The nice thing about coal and gas plants is that they can provide as much power as we need, on demand. We don't have to wait for the Sun to shine or the wind to blow.

The more power you use the more Wyoming power plants will have to crank up how much they are burning.

A woman have cold on the sofa at home with winter coat

That pumps more CO2 into the air.

If we pump enough, during this week's Artic blast and blizzard, then paraphs we will finally achieve "global warming."

We sure could use some.

Alcova On Ice

One of Wyoming's most beautiful lakes, seen after weeks of winter storms and sub-zero temperatures.

The ice can be heard making strange noises, from snap, crackle, and pop, to glub glub.

The works of people talking in a normal tone of voice carry across the frozen surface.

WEIRD Wyoming Snow Drifts April Blizzard 2022

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