I'll start this article buy stating, for the record, NOT KIDDING! 

Watch the video above to see what this company is proposing. Some of the claims made in the video, about the environment for example, are not correct. But the company believes it and are on a mission.

Nature’s Fynd is a startup company based out of Chicago. They have raised $45 million to develop a new vegan product in Wyoming.

This is going to sound beyond crazy but, --- stick with me here.

The website VegNews.com, (yes that is an actual website) says that the company has experimenting with volcanic microbes from Yellowstone National Park since 2008. I'm sure the park service knows about this. At least, I hope they do.

Here is how it works. You get Igor to turn the crank, lifting the lighting rods up into the storm and --- sorry not true.

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Here is how it actually works.  The company has taken Yellowstone microorganisms, and fed them glycerin and starches. Then they let them ferment. They say that this creates an animal-free protein. In the proteins are amino acids, fiber and vitamins. Sounds -- um -- yummy.

Perhaps saying that the microbes come from nature is a selling point. Either way they would have to convince the public, that would be you, to try this, enjoy it, and want to buy more. The company hopes that they can sell their Yellowstone Microbe Meat world wide. I'm sure they are not going to call it Yellowstone Microbe Meat.

This brings us back to the question we always have with stories like these, would you try it? Would you try it at least once? I'll stop here, before I break into a verse of Green Eggs & Ham.


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