Since this is an election year, lets you and I make a rule: lets try not to elect STUPID this time.

Rather hard to do when nothing but stupid is running, but lets give it a try.

To be fair, if I were to keep a camera on you every day, all day, do you think maybe I might catch you saying something stupid now and then? Sure I would. Every one of us blurts out the occasional gaff. But we don't have hundreds of media organizations and the internet sharing those gaffs over and over.

We can also be a bit more fair if we admit that, when the pressure is really on, people say even more dumb things. Yet, we are trying to elect folks that can handle the pressure, so they need to be better when the chips are down than we are.

Lets go back a few elections and start with some all time classics. These are some doozies.

We will begin with Richard Nixon and move closer to today.

If you are wondering about the top ten dumbest things said in 2020, the videos I've found are so partisan, they take the humor out of what I'm trying to do here.

I really have to wonder - the egos of these people can be so big, do you think they lose sleep over dumb things they have said, or do you think they convince themselves that they actually said something smart?

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