YES, bears have learned how to open doors. Last year I posted a series of vides, which you can watch at this link, showing bears all over the world casually opening car doors to get at food or a warm place to sleep.

It has also become common to catch bears opening doors to homes and businesses.

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In the video below you will see a black bear open the door to a Mercedes, casually, as if he owned it. But he doesn't own the car, which is why he gets yelled at by the humans who do.

Watch the friendly bear get all embarrassed and walk backwards on his hind legs all innocent like. "Who, me? No, sorry I thought this was mine but- I parked my Mercedes one block over. So sorry!"

I'm becoming more convinced that animals are getting smarter and humans are getting dumber. It won't be but a few generations from now when a bear will be yelling at a human to get out of his car. I supposed you are aware of the Planet Of The Apes movies. Well maybe it's not the apes that take over but the bears. You cat owners might disagree with that.

Those of us who live where there are bears need to start locking things, and maybe do a bit more than that. Follow this link to see a bear break down the front door to get at food in the house. I'm thinking we need stronger doors, windows, and locks.

As you watch the video you will hear someone screaming like a complete idiot. That reaffirms to me that the bear is smarter.

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