If you're a kid growing up in a state like Wyoming then you're used to long road trips.

Today kids entertain themselves by playing video games and fooling around with social media.

But it was not always like that. Back in the old days, when the world was still in black and white and your telephone was locked to the wall with a cord, parents had to come up with interesting ways to keep kids entertained on long road trips.

Back when kids did not need car seats and could climb from the back to the front anytime they wanted.

There are games like car bingo or sing-along.

Wyoming kids played car games a little differently

kids sleeping on backseats of car
  1. How many cusswords does dad use every time he sees a Colorado license plate?
  2. Who spotted more cows pooping?
  3. Name that roadkill.
  4. Drink lots of fluid then see who can hold it until the next public toilet. Anyone who has to beg for the car to be pulled over in the middle of nowhere loses.
  5. Guess how many broken-down cars and trucks you'll find along the side of the road.
  6. Guess where that car is from, before we see the license plate, by how stupidly they drive.
  7. At what mile marker does mom finally break down and start screaming and threatening?

8. At what mile marker does Dad threaten to "Turn this car around?"

9. What did that cop pull that guy over for?

See, there are so many interesting things to do.

What other games can you think of?

Let's face it, we can still play these games as adults.

It's probably a lot more fun the older we get.

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