My favorite cooking channel is all over social media. Whether you follow them on Instagram, TikTok or subscribe to their YouTube channel, the duo from Men With The Pot are the best for any aspiring Wyoming outdoorsman.

The two Polish gentlemen that run the channel, recently posted their latest outdoor cooking video. This episode showed them making chicken alfredo with a twist, completely from scratch, which means not just the sauce, but the pasta noodles as well.

As with every other video bushcraft cooking video the duo has put out, it's not just entertaining to watch, but it looks delicious and very easy to replicate.

Within the first 10 hours of them posting the video, it has already been viewed over 235,000 times! It has amassed over 38,000 likes and near 700 comments!

I know the two fellows had jobs as bartenders, but with the amount of videos they put out on a weekly basis and the sheer number of views they're getting, I don't think they'll need to work for the man much longer.

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