We just posted a video, yesterday, of a Wyoming woman getting stabbed by a buck - RIGHT IN THE BELLY! She has multiple holes in her gut that she is hospitalized for.

The very next day I see this video of a young girl feeding some bucks on a trail.

You might think. "How pretty, how sweet. Beautiful deer. Beautiful girl. This is like something out of a Disney movie."

I'll remind you that those bucks have sharp/pointy horns on their heads for a reason.

I'll remind you that these are wild animals. They are skittish. They can FREEK OUT at any moment and attack just because something scared them.


Lucky for this girl she did not go get attacked like that poor Wyoming woman.

That woman was not trying to feed the animals.

She just stepped outside and woke one up. It has been sleeping by her house.

The mistake that woman made was trying to defend her little dog and charging at the buck.


attachment-Youtube KSL news

Wanda stepped outside of her home in Evanston, Wyoming to drive her husband to an appointment.

There was a buck in the driveway. The buck was enjoying some shade and sleeping. They startled each other.

This is not a good season to get nose-to-nose with a buck. They are aggressive.

You can hear her husband's voice telling her to backup, and she does.

But her little dog goes after the buck, and the buck strikes at the dog. The dog yelps in pain.

She strikes back by yelling and hitting it in the head with her purse.

The buck rushes her with his antlers and stabs her in the belly.

attachment-Youtube KSL news 2

Wanda suffered 7 puncture wounds. You can see her husband jump in to try and get the buck to back off.

Quite literally her husband, Daniel, grabbed the buck by the horns and the two wrestled. But the buck is young and in good shape. Wanda's husband is old and frail.

A UPS driver helped Wanda into a car and a neighbor drove her to the hospital.

Wanda will be in the hospital for several days. She will be okay.

The buck was found by a wildlife officer and he put the animal down. This is always done after an animal attacks humans.

Here is the video of the encounter from a local news station.

It is tempting to look at deer and think, how beautiful. But also remember that they are wild animals. When they get scared they will attack. Those horns are not up there for decoration.

Anyone can understand Wanda wanting to protect her little dog. Still, the best option would have been to move back into the house and give the buck a moment to run off. The animal is scared. Give it space.

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