You might recall reports of a guy wearing a jet pack flying too close to Los Angeles International Airport.

What if I told you - HE MAY NOT BE HUMAN!? 

Pilots were nervous about how close this guy was getting to their flight path. The FAA was not happy. The situation was a dangerous one.

Officials still don’t have a definitive answer. Part of the mystery for the FAA is that there are no known jet packs able to fly that high. It was not just the FAA involved in the investigation, but the FBI. It turns out they might have found something.

One investigator commented that “The pilot said what he saw was exactly like the drone in the Youtube video below.”

The investigators worked under the assumption that currently no jet pack can get over 3,000 feet and come back down safely without a parachute. The primary reason is that the pilot could not carry enough fuel.

But a drone could...

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So, imagine someone is testing a jet pack with a light weight dummy in place of a full size and full weight person. 

Watch the video below and you'll see just such a thing being tested.

It turns out that the drone theory fits the video test below as well as the information pilots gave FAA about what they had seen.

So, that is what the FBI and FAA are working on. But, if this theory is true, there is still one problem... who was flying the drone? They have not solved that one quite yet.


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