Talk about smarter than the average rabbit.

After watching the above video several times, I began to see the strategy this rabbit employs in order to avoid become this hawks dinner.

Once the hawk commits to a dive he has a hard time turning or pulling up. So, our bunny friend will wait for that moment, then leap.

For those who saw the movie Dunkirk you might have seen the tame tactic, used for the same reason, in World War II. You can see the reenactment in the video below. Scroll :47 seconds into the video and you will see how a small boats avoids a German ME-109. What you will watch actually happened.

The movie scene above is from both a beach scene and one at sea. But the one at sea shows you the boat avoiding the bullets by waiting until the pilot of the plane has committed to the attack and cannot adjust for the boats sudden turn.

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Our little rabbit friend is doing the same thing. Clever boy, isn't he?

I'm sure the hawk is frustrated. He might have actually been confused when he missed his target on the first few passes.

I bet our bunny friend wishes he could hold a lecture and tell all other bunnies what he has discovered. The problem is if he held a 10 minuet lecture with 1000 bunnies attending there would be 5000 or more bunnies by the time he was done talking (It's a rabbit joke, think about it). No one would have heard a word he said.


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