In what I'm sure will be a failed attempt to ask people to drive smarter this winter I've provided a video, at the bottom of this article, showing the DUMBEST winter drivers of last winter. 

Each winter we offer numerous winter driving warnings to take it easy.

We even show you videos of some of the DUMBEST accidents imaginable. Wrecks were avoidable but for some reason, these people think they are smarter than everybody else on the road.


We can also say that, for some reason, these people think that the laws of physics do not apply to them.

Then again maybe they just were not paying attention to that old "laws of physics" thing back in school.

Just quit trying to drive like you have something to prove.

Slow down. 

Quit trying to pass people. 

Quit switching lanes.

Need examples of WHY? Watch the video below.

It begins with a few simple examples of simple mistakes THEN TAKES YOU TO A NEW LEVEL OF STUPID!

Probably the worst fail I see is the guy who thinks the pickup in front of him, that is pulling a trailer and going 30mph, is being driven by a jerk who is going to get somebody killed. Those are his words.

He tries to fly past them but ends up in the ditch. You can hear him blaming the vehicle he was trying to pass.

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We then see the same wreck from the view of the people inside the pickup. They can't understand what the idiot trying to pass them is thinking. They watch him wreck.

Moments later they see the same idiot, who apparently was able to get himself out of the ditch, whipped by them at 100mph.

Apparently, the guy in the SUV did not learn a thing. 

Don't be that guy.

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