This weekend's forecast (Saturday, March 6th through Monday, March 8th) has been tough to nail down.

Forecasters know that a spring storm is coming.

You can watch a weather video on this storm, below.

But as for what area gets the brunt of it, well that has been up in the air.

As of Friday, March 4th weather models and forecasters have high confidence, finally, in most of what is going to happen.

Be warned there are still some outlying variables that will affect this system.

From our regional weatherman Don Day, here is what we know for sure:

Notice the warning for high winds as this system moves in.

attachment-Don Day storm forecast 1

Everybody can expect different kinds of wet, snow or rain, and different amounts.

Nobody is escaping the wind.

The worst of the winds will be in southeast Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, and New Mexico.

But there are still some questions, even this close to the actual day of the arrival of this storm.

Below is what forecasters are still scratching their heads over:

attachment-Don Day storm forecast 2

This all has to do with where a low-pressure system parks itself over South Dakota.

Just a little shift in where that low-pressure decides to stop will dictate who gets a little or a lot of snow and rain.

Does the system slow down and stop?

Does it just keep on moving through but at a slow rate?

Forecasters are not sure.

The map below shows you the warnings that have been put out by the National Weather Service.

attachment-Don Day storm forecast 3

The map above will fill in with more weather warnings by Saturday.

This forecast is still evolving.

We will be providing updates throughout the weekend.

Those who have livestock are advised to take precautions this Friday while you are ahead of the storm.

Below is Don Day's weather video explaining the latest, in detail.

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