If you fish you might remember catching that first one. Now imagine catching that first fish and it's bigger than you.

Long time fishermen have their lies - sorry - "stories" about the big fish they caught and the one that got away. These kids, in the videos below, will spend the rest of their lives trying to catch another one as big as the one they got when they were young. The one that was as big as they were.

Lets hear it for Dad. Not only did he capture this moment on video, but he had a scale to weigh the fish.

Even little sister is happy for her baby brother when he pulls one in that he can barley lift.

This little girl might win the prize. I think she got one that is actually bigger than she is.

Actually - never mind. Sorry little girl. This next boy just doubled the size of what you pulled in.

It's a good thing that everyone is caring a cell phone these days. Otherwise no one would ever believe these fish stories.

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