Earlier this week, you may have noticed that one of the Spice Girls made a visit to Cheyenne. According to the UK publication, 'The Daily Mail', we were able to learn that she, along with actress Emily Atack, and comedian Ruby Wax were filming a new show that featured a little of the western frontier. We found out a little bit more since then.

The new show will air on the TV network BBC Two and is titled, 'Trailblazers'. The specific journey that they are researching is a trek that was made by 19th century explorer Isabella Bird, while they are also using Bird's book 'A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains' as a sort of guide to go on throughout their journey to find out what it was like for her as she did her pressed on through the western frontier back then. This much, we already knew.

We found out a little bit more from a loyal listener to Y95's sister station, 101.9 KING FM. Jeff Brown told us that he was tasked with driving Mel B, Atack, and Wax along Happy Jack Road as they were filming the opening scene for 'Trailblazers'. You have to admit, the crazy winds we received in the capital city this week probably made for some good action and/or dramatic camera shots in their footage.

Here is a few more shots we were provided with that show Mel B (aka Scary Spice), Atack, Wax, and some of the crew getting to work while in Cheyenne...

Mel B, Emily Atack, and Ruby Wax Get to Work on New Show in Cheyenne

While that's not exactly a whole lot more than we knew before, as we said, it's a little bit. It's really cool that a show based in the UK would come this far out west in the U.S. for this topic. Hopefully this isn't the last we have seen of Mel B, Atack, or Wax. It will also be interesting to see the finished result when 'Trailblazers' premieres on BBC Two.

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