You might think an officer in a town as small as Lovell, Wyoming might be bored most of the time. What really ever happens in a town that has a population of just a little over two thousand people.

Lovell is located on Highway 310, north of Guernsey, almost on the Montana border, on the west side of the Bighorn mountains.

The town of Lovell, how now honored a police officer for valiant actions for the second time, according to The Lovell Chronicle. 

The Lovell Police Department Lifesaver Award was presented by Chief of Police Dan Laffin and Mayor Tom Newman to Officer Dusty Schultz

This time it was because the officer had saved an 8-year-old boy from a burning home.

“This was a significant event,” Chief Laffin said. “Some law enforcement officers go their whole career without being placed in a situation to earn this award, and this is our second award (in a few months).” (Lovell Chronical).

Early in the morning of Friday, March 4, Officer Shultz received a 911 call.

The house was fully engulfed, with 15-foot flames. An 8-year-old boy did not make it out with the rest of the family. Moving around the outside of the house the officer could hear the screams of the boy.

Firewoman in fire protection suit and mask

Officer Schultz (and Deputy Angell) broke a window and Schultz was able to talk to the boy through the smoke toward them.

The boy was being pulled to safety when the fire department arrived.

Small town officers are often big-time heroes.

Here is another fine example of why we need them and why we honor them.

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