In this short YouTube skit, a Mom announces that the family is moving to Wyoming.

No explanation is given.

The family has a lot of really bad preconceived ideas as to what Wyoming is like. They don't want to go.

Just so you know who the characters are:

If he is wearing a towel on his head, that's Mom.

No towel on the head and a warped mouth, that's the kid.

The baseball cap is Mom's new boyfriend.

The video is by Dylan Zitkus who apparently has over 2 million YouTube subscribers.

Don't feel bad Wyoming, he trashes everyone and everything.

I was thinking maybe I could put a video up trashing him, just for a little revenge.

He mostly likes to focus on short videos on his page. This is YouTube's attempt to keep up with TikTok and Instagram. Short and to-the-point humor.

He's not the only one picking on Wyoming.

There is this lady.

Most of the videos I found telling you why you should not move to Wyoming were actually tongue-in-cheek.

These people actually LOVE Wyoming and are having fun with the "DON'T MOVE THERE" idea.

In this last video, the host actually lived in Wyoming and enjoyed it. But she can understand a few of the reasons people give for not living there, so she lists them.

I'd have to say her assessment is actually fair. She does not trash the state, just lists a few things some people don't like about the state.

If you're going to trash our state, live here for a while first.

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