Well, well, well, now this is something I feel I have a lot of first-hand knowledge of. I mean, I write Wyoming beer reviews, so I feel I have more weight in this and can be super judgey by what the results of a survey would be. The website Zippia ran the numbers on what each state's favorite beer is. Here's how they figured it out.

We started with a list of the 70 most popular beers. From there, we took to Google search data to find the most searched for beers. Slowly (and quite painfully) we narrowed it down to the top 10.

From there we simply good used Google Trend’s data platform to find the beer of choice in each state. We looked at a year of search data- giving each state plenty opportunity to show whether they were a bud man or living the coors’ life.

We excluded White Claw, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and others of the wine colors trying to pass for beer ilk, because they aren’t beer.

I love the shade they just threw at wine coolers and seltzers. These results are pretty cut and dry throughout the country. Most of the country went with Budweiser with Corona coming in at a close-ish second. Colorado and Arizona both went with Coors, which I assumed would be the camp Wyoming would be in. Apparently, we're team Budweiser.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia
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I would like to raise my hand and dispute this, please. I don't know if I've seen maybe more than a couple of people drinking regular Budweiser in Cheyenne during my time in the Cowboy State. I see way more people drinking Coors Light. Lies. Horrible Lies. Oh well, I'll keep drinking my snooty craft beer brewed here in the Cowboy State.


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