Probably one of the best tools on the internet these days is You can save a lot of trouble by looking up the best gas price near you, without driving all over to find it.

Since gas prices are soaring, let's look at Gasbuddy's heat map to see where the best and worst prices in the state are for the middle of July 2021.

For this review, I am using the average price of unleaded gasoline across each county or region of Wyoming. Some prices will be a tad higher or lower if you search.

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Show of hands - who is SHOCKED that Teton County Wyoming has the highest gas prices in the state? $3.719. Don't you love how they put the .009 at the end? We all know they round that price up. So the actual average for Teton country is $3.72.

Rocks springs comes in at a $3.54 average. Expect that price for any of the counties at the bottom west of Wyoming.

As we head east prices drop a bit. Around Lander, prices are about $3.41 on average.

$3.24 is average for Hot Springs Country.

Prices vary depending on which side of The Bighorns you are on. Ten Sleep and Worland are around $3.36 on average as is Greybull and Cody. But over on the east side of the mountains, Sheridan comes in at $3.09. Below it Buffalo goes to a $3.26 average.

From Casper to Cheyenne gas prices can vary quite a bit but they tend to stay at the average of $3.20 to $3.30-ish. You might do a bit better than that if you hunt around.

Going east a bit more of the counties come in at around $3.20-ish for their average price.

Be glad you're not in California. Prices there are well over $4.

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