Once again Frankie MacDonald has posted another of his famous YouTube videos about the weather. Many will view it. He is an internet sensation.

Not everybody is watching for the right reason. But that's okay. Allow me a moment to explain why I love watching Frankie MacDonald.

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Frankie's condition causes him to inflect and express in an awkward way that causes a discomforting laugh from everyone who watches his videos. I'll admit that I can rarely watch a single one of his forecasts all the way through. Sometimes they can be hard to view. I'm sure there are many who watch and share his videos to make fun of him.

But that's not why I watch Frankie and I think there are many like me out there who watch him for an entirely different reason.

Yes, Frankie has an awkward disability. But he is also, obviously, a very sincere and nice guy with a passion. Frankie loves weather.

If Frankie had been born without his condition I have no doubt that he would be a professional weatherman. If you watch his YouTube videos you can see that passion play out. He's actually very knowledgeable.

In the video below you'll see Frankie warning Wyoming of an approaching weekend storm that may just shut the entire state down for a couple of days. It's easy to snicker at his delivery. But Frankie is quite serious, and his forecasting is also spot on.

Frankie MacDonald may never get paid as a professional for what he does, but as far as I am concerned he doesn't have to. He is perusing his dream, and people are tuning in.

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