Most states have some sort of Amusement park that tourists flock to every year. Florida has several. So, these intrepid travelers are a little confused when they arrive in Wyoming and find out that the park itself is a giant amusement park.

But the rides here are a little confusing and often painful. 

Take the bison ride, seen in the photo above. Finding out how high one of these creatures can toss a fat lady from Illinois might not seem like fun to the fat lady from Illinois. Who would pay for a ride like that? 

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Why is sticking your face in a steaming geyser a thing? Yet, so many Wyoming visitors want to ride that ride. Sounds painful, with the 3rd-degree burns and all that, yet every year tourists pay their money and line up to give it a go.

Then there is the "ignore the marked trails" ride. This is where Wyoming tourists decide they know better than the locals and venture out to the edge of a cliff for a selfie. The ride down is not anywhere near as fun as a roller coaster that some other states have. In fact, it just hurts. Yet every year visitors can't wait to try Wyoming's cliff rides to oblivion.

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The Mama Bear Ride in Wyoming is one of the most confusing for tourists. At Disney in Orlando Florida the bears and animated, and they talk and are funny. That left this tourist a little confused when he approached a mama bear and her cubs. Why she showed her teeth and tried to gut him with a paw swipe he has no idea. It wasn't fun.

These Wyoming rides are just dangerous. There should be warning signs.

WAIT... there are.

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