No matter where you live in Wyoming, you've probably seen those wild turkeys wandering your neighborhood.

But around this time of year, don't they seem just a little more aggressive?

In a year filled with protests, a new national movement is - um - afoot? Hmm. A-talon? Anyway, this time they mean business.

Did you think they did not see you when you brought that big fat turkey carcass home for Thanksgiving? Did you notice them gathering outside your kitchen window over the past few days?

It would have been bad enough if you had killed a wild turkey. But the one you brought home never had the chance to live free.

Yes, that's right, these birds have a long list of grievances and they are looking at YOU.

Knowing the typical Wyomingite, we can guess that a fair number of you will grab a drumstick and take it out on the porch so you can laugh at them while you eat it in front of them. I mean, honestly, these are turkeys. What are they going to do other than gobble at you in anger?

The modern day turkey knows that it can't get revenge, yet. They're still waiting on evolution to help them catch up to humans and frankly, that is taking a lot longer than they had hoped for.

Until then, all they can do is look at you and gobble in displeasure. So, just know that this time of year they are in a really fowl mood.

Oh lord - sorry about that last pun.

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