We here in Wyoming don't mind cold weather.

This is Wyoming after all. It happens.

But when the temperatures are in the negative double digits for more than a few days in a row, we tend to get a little cranky.

After a time, we start looking for someone to blame.


Just look at that map. HONESTLY, who draws borders like that?

According to our favorite regional weatherman Don Day, of Day Weather, every so often the high and low-pressure systems line up just so that it opens the door to Canada.

Here comes the cold.

Worse yet is when Canada leaves the door open.

I mean come on, WE feel the draft, don't they?

Wyoming Prefers the Cold

Just look at that poor baby trying to crawl away from the Canadian Cold as fast as he can. COME ON BABY! YOU'VE GOT THIS!


It's bad enough when Canadians come down to visit and bring with them their fake quarters.

Suddenly all of our vending machines are clogged and none of us can get a soda or a bag of chips.

Casper Humane Society
Casper Humane Society

Look at that poor dog with the frozen ball. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW CANADA? 

We're not saying that we don't mind some cold and snow now and then.

We don't mind them visiting either.


Close the door on your way home and take your quarters with you.

Businessman in a Cold Office with Snow and Ice

OH, SURE I can hear those Canadians now. "What's the matter Wyoming? Can't handle a little chill?"

YEAH, well,  CANADA- there is a reason the population of your country is the same as the population of OUR STATE OF WYOMING!

ACTUALLY, I'm beginning to suspect that no one actually lives up there. Just a hunch.

The TV show South Park had an episode where they needed to blame their sorry Colorado problems on somebody else, so they chose Canada.

They even sang a song BLAME CANADA! 

Every time we have a cold snap that comes directly down south and stays because someone forgot to close the door, I play this song on the radio.

I play it loud. I hope they can hear it.

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